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 The project aims to: broaden policy options from military solutions to political, economic, and social interventions; bolster the intellectual capital for informed debate among practitioners and academics; enhance the knowledge required to resolve conflict and build peace; promote post-conflict stability and development in areas cleared of insurgent presence. The target audience for research products includes government officials, civil society, media, academia, and donors, providing a deeper understanding of the misgovernance-radicalization nexus in its policy dimensions.

Short Term Goals
(1 year or Grant Period)

Long Term Objectives
(2-3 Years)

Explore the relationship between misgovernance and radicalization to identify factors that cause, or create an enabling environment for, the growth of radicalization and extremist behavior in FATA, Khyber-Pukhtunkhwa and the Malakand Division


Help policymakers develop an evidence-based mix of political, economic, and social options for counter-terrorism policy that addresses key drivers of radicalization in FATA, Khyber- Pukhtunkhwa and Malakand Division

Clearly articulate and share citizen grievances with local service providers, to identify supply-side failures that cause misgovernance, and evolve specific policy recommendations


  • Create the potential space for dialogue between local service providers and citizens that allows them to begin resolving conflicts and building peace

  • Contribute toward post-conflict stability and development through better governance in areas cleared of insurgent presence e.g. Swat and South Waziristan

Empirically test hypotheses received from international research or public discourse on the relationship between misgovernance and radicalization in Pakistan

Increase the intellectual capital available to practitioners and academics for policy discourse on the link between misgovernance and radicalization in Pakistan, and other comparable zones of conflict worldwide, e.g. Afghanistan

Share research findings with the target audience including the government, international donors, civil society, academia, and media

Promote the consumption and impact of research in policy, academic, and public spheres at the national and international levels.

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