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Economic Empowerment of Women through Honeybee Farming

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“Economic Empowerment of Women through Honeybee Farming"



Project Grant:
The Project is funded by USAID, through US Small Grants and Ambassador Fund Program, under contract with National Rural Support Program Pakistan.

Project Duration:  The duration of this project is 12 months - April 2014 to March 2015

Target Location:    Sakesar-Soon Valley, District Khushab

Project Goal: 
Empowering 180 women in Soon Valley of district Khushab through training on domestic honeybee farming, provision bee farming boxes and tools and connecting women bee farmers with the network of honey buyers
Project Objectives:
  1. • 180 women of Soon Valley-Khushab will be trained in honeybee farming
    • 180 women of Soon Valley-Khushab will produce honey
    • 180 women bee keepers of Soon Valley-Khushab will sell honey to the secure channels
    • 180 households of Soon Valley-Khushab will increase their income by 150%
    • 1,800 dependents will have their lives improved


Intervention Rationale:
Like most rural areas of Pakistan, women of Union Council Naushera (Soon Valley), Tehsil and District Khushab, Punjab are traditionally involved in household chores, taking care of children, working in the fields, managing the livestock, collecting fuel wood etc.. Unfortunately all this endless effort goes unnoticed as their work does not bring money to the family. They enjoy low social status and have very little or no say in making the key decisions. It is important to recognize their efforts and improve their social status mainly through economic empowerment. The proposed project aims to economically empower 180 women honeybee farmers from 18 villages of Soon Valley of District Khushab by increasing the productivity of honey and subsequently the income associated with it. This is to be achieved through refresher training in honey bee farming, provision of honey production lit, honeybee boxes and establishing linkages with honey buyers from local and other markets of Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The beekeeping will also support in improving fruit production in the valley as honey bees also work as pollinating insects.

Project Activities:

1)  Honey Bee Keeping Training
2)  Provision of Kit
3)  Linkages Development with Buyers:

  a)   Project Launching Workshop
  b)   Formation of Project Committees
  c)   Identification / Selection of Beneficiaries
  d)   Verification of Beneficiaries
  f)    Community Mobilization / Groups Formation
  g)   Baseline Study on Honeybee Women Farmers
  h)   Procurement of Beehives and Tools
  i)    Honeybee Farming Skills & Training
  j)    Providing Essential Tools to the Trained Bee Farmers
  k)   Technical Backstopping of the Beneficiaries
  l)    Promoting Organic Honey
  m)  Establishing Market Linkages
  n)   Benchmark Study

Intended Impact of the Project:
The proposed project aims to improve productivity and income of 180 women honey bee farmers of Soon Valley of District Khushab. The regular income for the women through the sale of honey will allow these 180 women not only to continue producing honey with two boxes provided to each woman through project resources but to expand their home based enterprise. By establish three associations of honeybee producing women one in each cluster of 6 villages, this will allow the women to have a collective voice and bargaining power for selling their produce, more importantly this network will ensure the structured social enterprises with the support of each other. Hence the proposed project will demonstrate the true essence of entrepreneurial model. The beekeeping will also support in improving fruit production in the valley as honey bees also work as pollinating agents. This home based earning will enable families to pay for their children’s education, besides other pressing needs like healthcare, groceries etc. Proposed beneficiaries will use their house courtyards for honeybee farming and will continue possessing the place.

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