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What We Do
Project Overview

Database / Analysis

“Citizens’ Voice and Public Accountability in Tax Collection Sector”
in Central Punjab


Project Activities

  • Conducting a baseline study on Federal Sales Tax policy and administration in the targeted districts. A survey of 450 taxpayers (enterprises) in the 3 target districts using a sample frame composed of lists of registered enterprises in the 3 districts from FBR, sampled through the systematic random sampling methodology to allow for a self-weighted population sample.

  • Key Informant Interviews with 5-10 policy makers and implementers at the federal and local levels.

  • GINI will next engage and establish linkages with a broad array of relevant stakeholders who are willing and able to contribute toward project objectives. This will provide a forum for conveying citizen’s voice and demand for reform of Sales Tax policy and administration.

  • GINI would prepare and publish a quarterly “Taxation Watch” Report.

  • GINI will conduct District Mobilization Workshops (1 in each district) bringing together 60 representatives of Tax Bar Associations, withholding agents, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, RTOs, as well as students from local universities who are engaged in relevant research or enrolled in relevant degree programs (among others) to present and discuss research findings emerging from the Baseline Study and decide on policy actions required at the Federal and local levels.

  • GINI will conduct 6 Taxation Awareness Workshops 2 in each district i.e. Faisalabad, Gujranwala and Sargodha. Each seminar will have 75 participants invited from entrepreneurs, university students and NGOs working on Tax, there will be representation of media and parliamentarians in the seminar.

  • GINI will also conduct 4 Quarterly Policy Roundtables at the Federal level, bringing together 70 representatives of political parties, parliamentary committees, anti-corruption departments, relevant public bodies as well as students from local universities who are engaged in relevant research or enrolled in relevant degree programs, to present and discuss the findings of the latest edition of the ‘Taxation Watch’ Report developed by GINI, the Bill of Taxpayers’ Rights, as well as to agree on required reforms required for tax policy and administration.

  • GINI will conduct the Benchmarking study to measure the impact of the initiative towards the end of the project.

  • GINI would conduct a public Information, Education, and Communication campaign through print, broadcast and online media



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