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Management and Geographical Information System (GIS)

  Our expertise now extends to and includes information gathering methodologies, inter-relational databases, and Geographical Information System (GIS) applications. These applications are synergized to facilitate decision support systems further supported by detailed analysis, evaluation and/or visual/spatial representations.

  Our GIS specialists are among the leaders in Pakistan. Our software simulation expertise are inclusive of Arcview, mapinfo, autocad along with attachment of external rational database such as SQL, Oracle, Access etc for any type of projection. We are the fore runners in digitization of Pakistan maps covering, Provinces, Districts, Tehsil/Towns, Unions and Revenue Estates. We have access to source maps of Survey of Pakistan, Revenue Department, Election Commission, aerial photography and satellite images to the level of one meter resolution. Maps can be developed as 2D or 3D (Data Elevation Models) based on the client’s requirement at 5 minutes intervals.

  Our client base varies from Federal Government, Provincial Governments, District Governments, Municipals and NGOs. Some of the notable projects undertaken by our experts include; mapping and GIS projection with attachment of external database for Police Stations jurisdiction, National Reconstruction Information Management System, Election Constituency jurisdictions (National, Provincial and Local), Rawalpindi WASA (water supply line), GIS Health Facilities for the Population Council. Most recently, GINI undertook a GIS mapping project for the USAID in the conflict-ridden district of Swat in the tribal areas of Pakistan.

   We have also made available a database with mapping of Flood Affected Areas of Charsadda and Nowshera Districts of KPK Province during 2011 under Gender Equity Program (GEP), for USAID-Pakistan on "Provision of Land Titles to Women Communities by the Government" who were severely affected by the floods of 2010. More than 30 women (especially widowes) obtained their land titles which were lost during the devastating flood waters. The maps provide help and support in highlighting the exact locations and living conditions of the affected women and the communities.


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