Tax Policy and Enterprise Development
in South Asia








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   Data Collection & Analysis
   Gender Considerations
   Ethical Considerations
   Organizational Matters
   Project Timeline

General Objective:
To advance technical knowledge on the relationship between tax policies, development of small enterprises, and inclusive growth in South Asia through collaborative time-bound research by the leading think-tanks of the region, and inform policy formulation in these areas by governments in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

Specific Objective 1:
  To develop three policy research studies that focus on the impacts of tax exemptions and concessions, Value-Added-Tax (VAT) reforms, and property tax (respectively) on the development of small enterprises in South Asia, with particular emphasis on those operating outside the tax net in the undocumented economy, as well as those owned/managed by women, focusing on the national and regional levels.

Specific Objective 2:
  To organize a Policy Engagement Workshop in each South Asian country to disseminate the findings of the research and advocate for policy recommendations emanating from this research among key government officials responsible for formulating and implementing policies on taxation and enterprise development in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

(C) 2012 at GINI, Islamabad-Pakistan