Tax Policy and Enterprise Development
in South Asia




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   Research Themes
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   Data Collection & Analysis
   Gender Considerations
   Ethical Considerations
   Organizational Matters
   Project Timeline

Gender Considerations

The proposed project includes research which specifically addresses gender considerations as an integral part of the problem being studied. Aside from this, gender concerns will be mainstreamed throughout the planning and execution phases of the project. These will include:

Research Design and Methodology

Recognition of the importance of gender sensitive research at the conceptual level (as evident in this document)

Mainstreaming of gender considerations in research conducted on all proposed themes, as reflected by the formulated research questions.

Provisions for data collection methodologies that target specified samples of women among the population. This may involve disproportionate stratified sampling for women entrepreneurs, proprietors, managers, workers, etc. in the formal and informal sectors for surveys.

Research Execution

Equal opportunity policies which prioritize selection of women candidates for project staff in each country under study.

Provisions in scheduling and budgeting for the extra effort required to gain access to women respondents given constraints of background and culture in certain countries under study.

Data Processing and Analysis

Captured data will be disaggregated by gender (wherever possible)
Gender will form a key dimension for analysis in terms of roles, representation, voice and participation, access to rights, services and resources, etc.


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