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We would like to invite researchers, students, development practitioners, civil society and others to participate in our regional Tax Policy Network. Please download the Membership Form linked below. Research studies started on Tax Policy and Enterprise Development in South Asia Partner Countries - click here for more details

What We Do

Economic Empowerment of Women through Honeybee Farming

Mainstream & Quality Schooling for Physically Disabled Children - Inclusive Education (ilm-ideas Grant)

IDRC - TEDSA Program
Citizens' Voice Project-Tax Collection Sector in Central Punjab
Governance Education Network
E-Governance (GIS/MIS) - NARIMS
Public Accountability Institutions

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Membership Form - TEDSA

Country Studies - Research
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GINI initiated a Project on "Economic Empowerment of 180 Women through Honeybee Farming in District Khushab (UC Naushera, Soon Valley)" in April, 2014 till March, 2015 for 12 months) - with the financial assistance of USAID through US Small Grants and Ambassador Fund Program, under contract with National Rural Support Program Pakistan
We will provide technical skills and training on domestic honeybee farming,
provision bee farming boxes and tools and connecting women bee farmers with the network of honey buyers and traders in the region.
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GINI initiated a Project with DAI-ilm ideas in financial support of UKAID-DFID for "Citizens' Voice and Public Accountability in Mainstreaming Children Living with Physical & Learning Disabilities through Access to Quality Education" in the four districts of Central Punjab – Khushab, Sargodha, Faisalabad and Gujranwala-15 months project - Dec, 2013 - Feb, 2015


GINI has launched web portal for Tax Collection Sector Reforms intervention under Citizens Voice Project with the support of USAID-Pakistan

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GINI Team conducted a Coordination Visit of Pakistan (BNU), India (NIPFP), Bangladesh (CPD) and Nepal (IIDS) during 18-24 Sep, 2012 to hold meeting with the program partners on Research Themes and activation of Network

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    GINI is a multi discipline Research Organization which stimulates analyze, catalyze discussion, create awareness and inspire action amongst the change agents in processes of politically owned institutional revival that address the governance crisis. Internet resources are utilized to disseminate findings and other critical information that can assist in governance reforms.


   GINI is dedicated to curb corruption from public institutions as well as in civil society through research of exploring root causes of corruption from them. To see society as a transparent governance system through strengthening institutions and measures taken on ground so that tangible improvements are made in the lives of people by accepting challenges of globalization.

More Details...

Governance Education Network (GEN)

Public Accountability

Governance Education Network (GEN) was set up with a mandate to undertake the formation of a voluntary network of institutions working on different aspects of governance that would partner internationally with Norwegian Institutes for Urban and Regional Research (NIBR) and other appropriate institutions as identified from time to time. GINI developed its governance education program interactively with all stakeholders, which has been formally launched in March, 2009 with the financial support of Norwegian Government for three years within five years perspective.

Public Accountability and anti-corruption are topics that generate strong interest and are of vital importance to the public and effective governance. In Pakistan, public accountability is often reduced to mean only anti-corruption and thus associated with criminal activity. However, the layered systems of checks and balances that constitute public accountability for achieving an efficient and honest administration in Pakistan are actually very complex.

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GIS & MIS Development with NARIMS & Development Indicators

Other Activities/Services

Collaborative Research,
Capacity Building and Advocacy

Information is the great enabler of modern governance systems. It enables more effective planning and evaluation, reduces inefficiency of operations, enhances transparency & outreach, and improves communication and coordination. IT tools have become indispensable to the work of governments and donors the world over. GINI provides innovative e-governance solutions. Our core team has over twenty years of experience in developmental and implementation of multiple national level programs, using IT as a support mechanism.

GINI’s research has been and continues to be policy oriented and occupies a practical space in the policymaking process. Its consumption is intended to increase policy options, enrich policy discourse, and generate policy debate. In this way, the research remains a means to an end – affecting policy choices and outcomes, rather than adding to intellectual debris in an academic vacuum. Unlike most other think-tanks, GINI has no partisan left/right leanings or anti-incumbent biases, and there is a consistent, principled separation of analysis & advocacy in processing information.

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